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Disclaimer: again, any discussions here put aside any religious beliefs regarding the eating of certain animals.

In interests of full disclosure I am a vegetarian. I became a vegetarian because I was unable to come to terms with the idea of eating something else that had been living – something that was raised and killed just so I could eat it. I have felt this way for a long time, but it wasn’t until I came to college that I became a true vegetarian. Before then I ate meat, but only when I could forget where it came from. Specifically I stuck to chicken and turkey because it was white meat. This made a difference because I could see no fat, no veins, and no other indication that it had once been living. When I had to eat burgers I needed them overcooked to try and hide all remnant signs that what I was eating had been living.

I am not, however, a preachy vegetarian. I don’t care if you eat meat, I am not going to lecture you. What upsets me though is a hypocrisy among most (I am not saying all, I know people who are not like this) meat-eaters. People who won’t eat certain animals because that’s “horrible”. Primarily, in the culture in which I was brought up in, those animals are cats and dogs. Animals we were raised to view as pets, companions. In fact, it is illegal to raise and kill these types of animals as food. But why? What is the difference?

I stopped eating meat because I felt like a hypocrite. I could only do it if I blocked out what I was eating, and so I stopped eating meat. There are certain people who eat meat and will try anything (for example: reindeer, dog, and [one that’s come up in my life recently] guinea pig). These people are consistent. They know what they’re eating and they don’t hide behind what’s “normal”. I respect that. Many of these meats are common in other counties, but here we say are barbaric. I don’t understand!

Honestly, and truly, this is not a “animals have feelings too” post. I believe that, you may not; I doesn’t really matter. Eat as much damn animal as you like, please, you are a stronger person than I for being able to. But why are so many people unable to think about what they are eating? And why do they say its inhumane when it’s something close to home (like a dog), but its normal if its a cow or a pig?