Obviously my post on “Blurred Lines” came out of its renewed hatred after Miley Cyrus’s performance. I really enjoy the discussion about Miley Cyrus here (and agree with most of it) and I thought it was a good interpretation of the song to take into account.
Plus, I really enjoy this phrase “Our morality is lazy. It’s cheap. It spreads its legs faster than a World War II whore, to use an ancient icon of sin” which is relevant to so much more than just this topic!

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Baby Boomers: Miley Cyrus and the hypocrisy of the morality police
By Ray Hanania

Most parents have tuned out the details of their children’s lives. What I mean is that we share in their music, allow them to play all kinds of online Internet games, participate in social media and have pretty much allowed them to watch almost anything on Cable TV.

And then there is how we react to things that we don’t like. For example, this past week, many parents were outraged at the salacious dance performed by Miley Cyrus, the former Disney teenage actress and singer once known by the Hannah Montana family-friendly character.

We loved Hannah Montana. But apparently, a lot of the same parents do not love Miley Cyrus.

They think she is too wild.

She was on stage this past week dancing in a very sexually provocative and seductive manner during the Video Music…

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