This is an old blog but as I have recently posted on this topic I think it’s worth having this opinion as well as all of those (supporting and opposing) opinions given in the comments.

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Tumblr is shutting down blogs that promote self-harm. This means pro-Anorexia, pro-Bulimia, and pro-EDNOS blogs are dunzo.

I have to believe this is because of moral panic rather than genuine concern for the people these blogs harm. The misconception is that these communities are about encouraging people to have eating disorders, giving tips and causing existing eating disorders to worsen. In reality they are a community of mentally ill people talking about their disease. I mean, we understand that we are talking about sick people, right? It’s not a well-adjusted sadistic girl sitting behind her computer hoping that people reading her blog will hate themselves for her enjoyment. These kinds of blogs are run by like-minded people who generally dislike newbs. They provide friendship and support to people who are otherwise completely isolated by their disease.

Pro-eating disorder websites do not cause eating disorders. Sure, people look at thinspo…

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