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This video from a Jimmy Kimmel show displays a very sad portrait of people in the US (and I’m sure it’s true with out issues in other countries too), and the way we all want to give our opinion without really knowing what we are talking about.

Maybe before we talk about something or argue for or against something we should think about why we’re doing it and whether we even understand what we’re arguing about. This video shows people parrotting what their media has told them without a true understanding of the facts. On a much smaller scale this reminds me of when I asked a female friend of mine why the song “Blurred Lines” offended her. She said she didn’t know, but she felt like she should be offended.

Before you give your opinion make sure you have all the facts. We don’t all have to have an opinion on everything. If you don’t know then don’t speak, otherwise you may end up looking a little ridiculous like the people in this video.