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It’s been a long day for me so I don’t have the energy to write much but I just have a couple thoughts and questions.

This year I’ve seen a lot of posters, articles, and blogs about “offensive” and degrading halloween costumes. I’ve seen articles arguing against “sexy” costumes, articles talking about it being “slut-shaming” to say a “sexy” costume is bad, articles saying that “sexy” costumes are meant to be slutty and that’s the point.

There are costumes that mock and degrade people with mental health problems, other cultures, even just other people.

So, what costumes are okay? I would say that something based off a character in a book or movie would be okay, but even that can be bad because you can’t dress up as someone from a different culture or race. Is it different to dress up as someone from another culture or race if it’s a character from a show or book? I feel like there’s a difference between dressing as a Geisha from Memoirs of a Geisha versus dressing up as a Geisha because that’s “something different”.

In the end it seems nowadays, once we pass the age of dressing like power rangers and ninja turtles, that any of our costumes could be deemed offensive by one group or another. The “mental health patient” costume is offensive and perpetuates stereotypes, as do all the “ethnic” costumes, even costumes like the “sexy” nurse costume perpetuate the stereotype of women as nurses and nurses being little more than a toy in the hospital that does very little.

Halloween and dressing up is supposed to be fun. I couldn’t think of a single costume that might not offend someone. I understand that mocking another culture is bad, but why is it okay to mock other people (Miley Cyrus as a key example). We seem to be really hypocritical in this area, and I feel that if we take away all the options that might offend we are left with nothing.

I’m not sure what I am really trying to say, just so food for thought. Please think about the different costumes out there (for adults) and let me know what you think is not offensive to any group of people. I’m interested because I struggled with it.