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Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance. In reading articles about people’s experiences, a question occurred to me that applies not only to people who are transgender but also to anyone who is different to us.

Many people talked about the “ignorant, offensive” questions they had been asked in the past. This is a frequent problem among anyone who is “different”.

I am split about how I feel about this problem. Obviously I can see that there are some questions that can feel offensive (for example, the question “do they have electricity in Mexico” that was asked of my boyfriend is one that many people would find offensive).
On the flip side though, I wonder if it’s good that people ask these questions. Yes, they are offensive to those who know the answers but most of the time these questions are asked out of pure ignorance, not a desire to upset or offend.

Isn’t it better that people ask these “bad” questions as opposed to make assumptions about a certain group of people?