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In recent privacy invasion news, it has been said that the NSA spied on people’s online sex preferences as a way to discredit their “moral character” in potential court cases. There have been previous cases of parents losing parental rights as a result of their sexual preferences (polyamory, homosexuality, and sexual fetishes). Apparently, a court can decide, based on what a person prefers in bed, whether they are a fit parent or not, or even whether they are likely to have committed a crime.

This is ridiculous.

How does a person’s sexual preference have any baring on their skills as a parent, or their ability to follow the law? Apparently, it is possible to use evidence of “sexual deviance” (which is classed as any sexual activity not deemed as “normal” male with female in missionary position apparently) to show a defect in “moral character”, something which can sway a jury into believing a person is guilty of a crime.

This feels like something from the puritan dark ages. We do not live in a country governed by the word of the Bible (well, the whole separation of Church and State thing is supposed to stop this at any rate) so whether a person’s sexual preferences fit in with a Biblical ‘normal’ (what this really is would take a whole book to explore) should not affect how we judge their character.

If a person is in a polyamourous relationship, into BDSM, or enjoys dressing up as an animal during sex then this should have no impact on any  area of their lives other than their bedroom. We may not feel the same way about sex, but that doesn’t mean we can say that a person having a sexual fetish equates to them being morally corrupt. I honestly cannot comprehend this line of thinking.

If you don’t like the way another person enjoys sex then don’t have sex with that person. That is all there is to it. People shouldn’t be scared of having their internet histories known because they fear for their reputation if their love of swinging becomes known.

Sexual preferences do not dictate moral character in any way, nor do they say anything about our character in general. How a person behaves in public and whether that person follows the law – these are the sort of things that dictate their character, not whatever they enjoy doing in the privacy of their own bedroom.

So, in answer to the question I posed in the title: nothing, our sexual preferences say nothing at all about our overall character.