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The topic of donating one’s body to science came up the other day. This is something that a lot of people are squeamish about.

I understand if you are religious and your religious beliefs dictate the “right” way in which one must be buried, cremated, or otherwise disposed of. But I don’t really understand those people who are not really religious (or even religious at all) becoming indignant at the idea of donating ones body to science.

What is so special about our bodies after we’ve died? How does what happens to our body after our death affect us?

I was just wondering about this. If you have any thoughts please share them. My assumption is that, especially for those who don’t belief in an afterlife, the body is the only thing that is “them” and so there is a need for a certain respect that is no necessarily found in allowing scientists or students to dissect it for research purposes.

Is there a reason that I am missing for why people would not want to donate their body to science, aside from religious reasons?

Personally, I would want my organs donated. Should that not be possible (or after) I’d donate my body to science.

Would you be comfortable donating your body to science?