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I’ve wavered back and forth on this for a while now, and I’ve been worried about posting it due to a potential for backlash. However, I am interested to know what people think about this argument so please let me know your thoughts.

I know I am pro-choice and I am pro-women-having-control-over-their-bodies and all that, and I HATE the way in which pro-life tactics affect women who need help (whether it be for abortions or anything else women’s health related). However, as time’s gone on I’ve started to understand the pro-life viewpoint, and why it is so mentally violent.

I am pro-choice for a number of reasons. I believe a women has the right to her own body – that’s true – but I also don’t believe that life begins at conception. This makes being pro-choice very easy for me. An abortion is removing the potential for life in the same way that menstruating and masturbation removes the potential for life. I don’t view abortion as the “murder of an innocent baby” because I don’t see the fetus as a baby yet.
There are pro-choice people who do believe that abortion is murdering a baby, but they are still pro-choice because their belief in a woman’s right to choose is very strong.

Most people who are pro-life are pro-life because they believe life begins at conception, or maybe some other point. Either way, they belief that abortion results in killing what is a living, pain-feeling person. Quite frankly, if this is the reason they are against abortion then I have a hard time disagreeing with their desire to ban it.

Abortion is not like homosexuality. You can’t just say “if you don’t like it don’t do it”. Yes, some people think homosexuality is wrong, but murder isn’t involved. It doesn’t affect others, it would just send the “sinning” people to hell.

We tend to think of abortion in these very simplistic terms: if you don’t like them then don’t get one. But it’s not as simple as a relationship. People are fighting to ban abortion because they believe it is murder. Imagine for a second you lived in a society where you believe what you do now, but most of the society believed that you weren’t really living, or a real person until you were able to talk. This meant that parents might have a baby, decide it was a mistake and then dispose of it. This was perfectly normal in this society because most people believe that babies weren’t really human yet.
You are watching this appalled. You believe babies are human: they are living, breathing humans that can feel pain. You think that this is atrocious and this has to be stopped. You would probably to do everything in your power to stop these senseless killings. But wait, you’re told that this isn’t about the “baby”, it’s about a parent’s right to choose to be done with parenthood when they realize that it’s not for them. You’re told that if you don’t like it then don’t do it, and that you shouldn’t push your views on others.

But this is different, this isn’t just a view or a belief like believing in one god versus another, this is thinking that murder is okay in certain circumstances.

The problem is that the argument of abortion isn’t about an individual action or views. It’s something that some people believe it is murder and others don’t. We can’t tell people it’s just a matter of doing what you are comfortable with. If I were comfortable with murdering people who were rude to me I couldn’t just tell people: “It’s okay; I don’t believe that it’s wrong. You can believe it’s wrong, that’s fine, just don’t murder people who are rude to you. You can’t tell me what to do”.

The abortion debate will forever be at a standstill because some people will always believe that abortion is the killing of a baby. Quite frankly, if I believed that was what abortion was I would probably want abortions to be illegal too. How could one legalize murder of an innocent child?

This is a difficult topic to write about because I know what a sensitive issue it is for all sides of the debate. I’ve just become frustrated with the cop-out arguments from people in certain discussions. Many pro-choice people have taken the pro-life stance as an anti-woman view, a view that is focused on removing women’s choice. Honestly, I find this to be a very egotistical way to approach the discussion. Women: it’s not all about us. Most of these people (I understand that there are some people out there who are just jerks) are fighting for the lives of the babies they think are getting killed, not against women’s freedom.