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Well, another brief hiatus from the blogging world brought about by family and holiday obligations.

I am now woefully behind on reading my favorite blogs and on blogging about the things in my head (and as this was holiday/family season, I have a lot in my head to blog about!)

I will be back this new year with better blogging resolutions. My aim to post everyday worked for the first few months, but I think I’d rather post a little less and spend more time thinking about what I’m saying. Plus, these coming months will include work, classes, and med school exams and applications so my sanity does not allow for blogging every day. I think I’ll aim for 5 times a week, which will generally translate to weekdays because I seem to have more to say on weekdays for some reason!

Anyway, I’ll be back tomorrow with some of my ponderings of the past couple of weeks.

Hope you all had decent holiday time, and wishing you all a good start to the new year!