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Well, this blog has been on my mind a lot recently. I have lots of ideas of things I want to write about but sadly I find the days passing by with no writing.

I feel like I have somewhat valid reasons. I am currently (and for the next few months will continue to be) working full-time, taking Master’s classes, studying for the MCAT and applying for medical school – all on top of trying to remember to eat, sleep, and the other basic things normal people do. This is something at which I apparently failed, since I no longer know how to walk and am now recovering from a slightly fractured elbow. Anyway, this whole process has left me very negligent of my blog, which I had vowed to not neglect. Obviously I failed at that.

The other thing this process has done is created a lot more questions that I want to write about. Firstly, do I really need to write 720 characters on my 15 most important “experiences” (read: working or volunteering) so as to get into medical school? Why is asking for letters of recommendation so painful? And what do you give people as a thank you; is wine an appropriate gift? When is it okay to start reminding people they said they’d write a letter for you?
All this along with many more real and serious questions.

I plan to blog more, which won’t be hard given that anything is more than nothing. It probably won’t be as regularly as I like but I want it to be at least once or twice a week.

That’s all for now, I have an exam tomorrow to study for. I just wanted to let you (if there are any of you left reading my blog) know what was going on and that I was planning on coming back.