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Hi everyone,

I was gone for a little while and then I just went and made a post, so I just wanted to update you with what I’m up to and what my plans are for this blog.

Life is crazy busy, as it always is. After an unsuccessful round of applying to medical schools last year I am applying this year for MD/PhD programs with a focus on Neuroscience. I have also refined my interests and am spending more time on writing and submitting my work to conferences on ethics and bioethics.

My plan for this blog now is to attempt to be realistic given my current time restraints (one full time job, two part-times job, part-time school, medical school applications, and poster creation for conferences plus an attempt at a mini research project), so I am going to aim to write one post a week. Maybe I’ll write more sometimes if I have a lot of my mind, but I would like to set a realistic goal!

The theme for the blog remains the same. I’ll be writing about the issues that are important to me: ethics, mental health, public health, psychology, etc and I am looking for feedback and thoughts. If you disagree with something I said I would love to know why. The whole point of this blog was to expand my view and learn new things.

Thanks for reading!