Mutilation versus Modification

This is a topic that has come up and will probably come up again, so I am going to explain how I  view these words.

Modification: a change made to ones body that one desires for the sake of the change itself. Eg, tattoos, piercings, scarification.

Mutilation: a change made to ones body that is not made with consent (either because consent is not given, or cannot be given [if the person is too young for consent]). Eg, circumcision in babies, tattoos or body alteration made under duress or when a person is unable to consent.

There are certain other things that could potentially fall into both categories, but I will explain my views those as they come up.


2 thoughts on “Mutilation versus Modification”

  1. Forced mental health care is closely akin to rape. On May 16, 2015, we are having a worldwide protest against ECT, which destroys brain cells and causes potentially permanent harm or death. I will be speaking at one of the protests and then I hope to make my writing available to the public.

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